Peau Vive Facials

Back to Basics  /   60 mins  /   $56.00

This type of facial concentrates on a thorough deep cleansing of the face and exfoliation, using products that are gentle yet effective. For the skin that is clogged and unbalanced, extractions will help the healing process. Followed by a masque and protective cream.

Customized Restorative   /  90 mins  /   $72.00

The restorative facial is fully customized to your type of skin and condition: anti-aging, oily, sensitive, or superficial hydration. This type of facial is intense and corrective from the inner layers of the skin. Beginning with deep cleansing using enzymatic peels, extractions, followed with a 20 minute stress relieving massage and ending with a customized masque.

Visit Peau Vive for more information on their products.

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Ridha Facial

Advanced Lifting   /  90 mins   /  $82.00

This type of facial concentrates on anti-aging through the use of toning Ridha products. Deeply treating the elastin and collogen, giving the skin a natural boost. After the facial the skin will feel more toned, firm and radiant.

Visit Ridha Cosmetiques for more information on their products.

Teen Facial   /  60 mins  /   $50.00

This type of facial will be tailored to the specific issues that the client has. This is typically inflamed , acne-prone, red skin or sensitive skin that, with some guidance, can become more balanced. The facial will include a deep cleansing, extractions, a soothing mask and finally, set up a skin care routine that can be followed at home to continue the balancing process.

We would recommend a series of three facials along with the at-home skin care routine to clear up any existing skin issues and put the client on the path to clearer skin.