At Synergy, we use BioSculpture Gel products, a semi-permanent, vegetable based nail system. BioSculpture Gel is available in many different colours as well as the French style.

Visit the BioSculpture website to see why they are the only 5* rated nail gel!

Gel Overlay Set  /   60 mins  /   $40.00
Gel Overlay with Art, Design, or Decal  /   70 mins  /   $40.00+
Gel Overlay with Manicure  /   75 mins  /   $45.00
Gel Removal & Manicure  /   60 mins   /  $25.00
Gel Removal  /   30 mins   /  $15.00

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Nail Biters Club

Want beautiful nails that you can show off to everyone? Synergy has a program that will help you break your nail biting habit! If you’re ready to quit, we’re ready to help!

It typically takes 21 days to break a habit. We’ll start by putting on a full set of tips with a gel overlay that will make it impossible for you to bite your nails. As the tips and your nails grow out we’ll keep in touch with you as much as you need support to break this habit; booking regular appointments for touch ups.